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I offer editorial services to help you express yourself perfectly.

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The final step before setting your work free for all to see: a proofreader will give your text a final once-over just to make sure everything is ship-shape before you publish. Proofreaders review for obvious grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes, but won't recast your sentences or suggest rewording except in very rare cases. We can also check your layout and make sure there are no mistakes in pagination, font sizing, and the like, as well as ensure that copy edits have been carried over to the final version by comparing the last edit to the galleys. It is expected that the author has had a professional edit performed and that the manuscript is considered clean and ready to publish before hiring a proofreader.

I can proofread fiction or nonfiction. Please see my subject & genre expertise below.

This service is available using PDF markup or Microsoft Word. If you need other software (e.g., Google Docs or Mac Pages), please let me know when you answer my questionnaire.

Copy Editing

The editing step before a proofread: a copy editor will go through your text with a fine-toothed comb and make changes for grammar, spelling, punctuation, consistency, and light fact-checking (proper names and place names). In addition, for fiction works, copy editors will pay attention to things like dialogue tags, timeline, and continuity. Copy editors may offer ways to recast or reword your sentences if they seem unclear or awkward, but it's not a deep-dive into the structure or story elements. (It is expected your story is solidified prior to a copy edit, and it is advised to have a proofread done after a copy edit, as no editor will catch 100 percent of errors 100 percent of the time.)

I am mostly a nonfiction copy editor, but will edit fiction upon request. Please see my subject & genre expertise below.

This service is available using Microsoft Word. If you need other software (e.g., Google Docs or Mac Pages), please let me know when you answer my questionnaire.

Subject and Genre Expertise

Nonfiction: art, photography, paranormal, cryptozoology, spiritual development, intuition, inspirational, transformational, law of attraction, manifesting, personal development, mindset, self-help

Fiction: general mysteries, cozy mysteries, police procedurals, paranormal/supernatural mysteries, thrillers, urban fantasy, romance, historical fiction, contemporary fiction

Other: blogs, copywriting, content marketing, newsletters, calendars, greeting cards, brochures, catalogues, technical manuals, training materials & slides, landing pages, sales copy

Are you "Team Serial Comma"? I am!

And I use Chicago Manual of Style, 17th edition and Merriam-Webster online dictionary as references.

That said, if you have a custom or in-house style guide or you really hate the serial comma, please let me know, and I will be happy to accommodate your requests.


I have worked with best-selling authors, experts in their fields, local businesses and nonprofits, entrepreneurs, and consulting companies.

By no means a complete list, below are a few of the books I've worked on.

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For book manuscripts, I am currently booking for Q3 2021.

Shorter copy has sooner availability (e.g., blog posts, PLR, sales/web copy, etc.)

Monthly retainers may be available for copywriters with regular volume.

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