Beta Reading

You've worked hard on your book and are looking for feedback before you publish so you can gauge how readers will react to it. 

Let me help!

Think of a beta read as similar to a beta test for a software program—but for books. Beta readers give authors feedback before publication, in order to find out if there are any major plot holes, continuity issues, and other problems that can be embarrassing once a book is published. Beta readers note their reactions to the following:

. . . and other story elements

The beta reader will then tell the author both problems and things that work well.

Beta reading cannot take the place of:

If you hire me for a beta read, I will stay in scope, but I am also happy to provide editing services for an additional fee. 

And if you decide all you want to hire me for is a beta read, that is totally fine! My job is to serve authors the best way I can in ways they are comfortable with. 

By hiring a professional beta reader, you're getting a professional level of service a free beta reader may not be able to provide, such as:

By paying for a professional-level beta read, authors are paying for a professional service for a relatively small investment of time and money. 

Beta reading is a very affordable service, making it attractive to budget-conscious authors.

I charge $1.25 per 1,000 words (rounded up to the nearest dollar). I have a minimum of $25 for any project.


52,465 words = $66

76,891 words = $97

120,340 words = $151

Affordable, right?

See my subject and genre expertise below, and fill out my form to get started!

Subject and Genre Expertise

Nonfiction: art, photography, paranormal, cryptozoology, spiritual development, intuition, inspirational, transformational stories, law of attraction, manifesting, personal development, mindset, self-help

Fiction: general mysteries, cozy mysteries, police procedurals, paranormal/supernatural mysteries, thrillers, scifi/fantasy, romance, historical fiction, contemporary fiction

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I am currently booking beta reads starting in April 2023 and beyond.

I look forward to helping you with your book!