Beth Wojiski

Supporting creativity and positivity through attitude, action, and intention.

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Headshot by Ali Cotton.

So who am I?

I'm a creative and intuitive offering support to other creatives and people seeking more from life. How?

I'm an editor and proofreader — always ready to help authors, bloggers, and entrepreneurs put their best word forward. See my offerings under editorial services.

I'm a writer — I have varied interests and write about them constantly. I'm writing a couple of books now, so while you wait for publication, you can see some of my writing here.

I'm a singer and voice actor — In my spare time, I sing alto with the Pittsburgh Concert Chorale and have performed as a voice actor in online radio plays. In the age of COVID-19, I set up a recording area in my office so I could sing virtually. See the News & Events area for links to our concerts.

I'm a crafter and designer — I love to craft and design inspirational or comforting jewelry, prayer shawls, and other warm and fuzzies. I often write about how these things can help during times of stress or distress, too.


In my prior life, I worked for more than 20 years in positions varying from legal assistant, development associate, or analyst with a major tech firm. A common theme with every job has been perfecting written communication and analyzing language for its best use. Indeed, at that tech firm, I studied how people use language and then trained machine learning algorithms to understand it. See my work experience on LinkedIn.

I am more than a list of qualifications or jobs held, though.

I have found a way to live MY best life while helping you to live YOURS.

In early 2018 a mentor asked, "If today were your last day alive, what would you regret?" My answer was that I was living for other people's goals, not my own—I had always wanted to run my own business, and so I did just that.

I approach everything I do with integrity, compassion, and understanding, and I want to make a difference in the world. I believe that supporting creativity and the arts is a great way to do that.

So pull up a chair, have a good visit, and let me know if you want to chat about how I can help you with any of your creative projects. Also, consider subscribing to my newsletter if you'd like to keep in touch with news and events here.

All the best!